Friday, October 29, 2021

Why I am Going to Invest in Crypto

 For a while now we have all been hearing about investing in crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Etherium and alike.

The bitcoin logo is the now symbol of crypto currencies of everykind.

It has grown so big now, everywhere I turn I find my mailbox full of e-maills from scammers promising me riches if I invest with them, andpromises of all the riches I have missed out on.

Well, this may be a warning for the rest of you. After saying for years, I won't invest in crypto.  I am now investing in crypto.

This follows my great investing insight in the late 1990's to never invest in the Dot Coms.  Then deciding in 2000 to, you've guessed it, invest in a couple of Dot Coms.  And no I didn't go for Microsoft or Amazon.  I went for Imagine Games and a couple more that died in a complete wipeout of the British dot coms in 2002.

They lived short, but burned bright in the dot com firmament.

So maybe forwarned.  The crypto market is about to implode, William Elliott is in the market. Everyone duck!

So how much will I be investing?

I will be investing about 1% ( one percent ) of my portfolio.   of my total portfolio.  I have begun small, an initial opening of $60 growing to $5,000 over the next few months.

So a hit in my crypto portfolio will hardly affect my overall portfolio.

I will be investing with Coinbase initially.

So Why Invest with Coinbase?

I decided to invest with Coinbase because at the moment they have an offer to give new investors $10 in Bitcoin for just registering a new accountt with them.  Using the link here will allow you to claim $10 for just opening and authenticating and account, you don't even have to send any money.

Once you have authenticated  your new account you will be able to add funds, from your bank or via PayPal, and buy hundreds of varieties of Alt Coins.  You can also take lessons in various forms of crypto investments and CoinBase will pay you in crypto currency just for taking a series of classes. At present there are about $25  worth of classes for you to take.

Imagine in less than one hour you could have a small $35 portfolio of crypto, and it coast you nothing.

Become a knowledgeable investor.

As crypto currency investing becomes a more prominent form of investing, it is your duty to yourself to learn more about investing in this new market.

I am now using this time to learn about crypto currency investing.

At least by learning about the reality of this investment I am arming myself against the claims of those scammers.  I now have skin in the game and an increased motivation to learn what I can about crypto investing.  In the few days that I have been investing, I have not lost any money.  My current investment of $35 cost me nothing out of pocket, it all came from taking advantage of free offers.

So why not give it a try?

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