Friday, May 13, 2022

Will Amazon recover from it's recent Fall in the Market


bull on wall street, i am bullish for amazon
I should say that I am a long time holder of Amazon stock and I like the look of it for the long term, but there always has to be a but,

Amazon is a good company, I hold it because I believe in the Amazon brand and the Amazon Web Services part of the company. Amazon also now owns much of its own distribution and real estate, less of interest to me, but valuable.

Paying a thousand dollars or more was just too high a price, at it’s high price of over $3,000 if I added it to my Roth IRA, it took almost all of my annual allowance of $7,000 to buy two shares of stock. That is a lot of cash in a stock that could fall and rise by hundreds of dollars per day.


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