Friday, February 5, 2021

How to turn $9 into $100 in One Year

 How do  you turn just $9 into $100 in just one year? Then repeat over and over again for year on year growth?

Turn $9 into $100 in one year

My technique for growing my investments by hundreds of dollars per month using only passive income is to set a minimum dividend payment level at $9.00 per month or $25 per quarter.  

For example take a monthly dividend paying stock such as Realty Income (Ticker O) purchase the stock in a large enough quantity to pay  about $9.00 per month. In one year this stock will pay more than $108. If you use a drip to increase your stock levels you will be returning more than $108 in twelve months.

At current dividend rates of 23 cents per share per month you need just 35 shares to pay over $9 each month.

Notice I own Realty Income stock in my long term hold portfolio.

Use this technique with several stocks and you quickly see returns of several hundred dollars per month. 

With stocks which pay dividends on a quarterly basis, you need to think in $25 increments to pay $100 per year. This can be expensive as the compounding of dripped dividends is slower, but you can use those dollars provided from monthly income paying stocks to build a cash flow to more expensive stocks.

In a few months you can quickly grow a cash flow stream that can buy new stocks for growth and more cash flow, use to pay bills and everyday expenses or grow your retirement fund by setting your army of dollar bills to work for your more efficiently.

Try this technique, I promise you it works. I have used it for over thirty years and I see returns of 13% per year year after year.

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