Wednesday, January 5, 2022

What Would You Do With $1,000?

 One thousand dollars can seem to be a lot of money, when you have no money.

I am in the happy position where I can lay my hands on a thousand dollars, just at the click of a mouse button.

I am not talking in terms of credit cards nor am I talking of home equity lines of credit.  I have several tens of thousands invested.  This has come to me over the past fifteen years, but I have invested since the late 1970's.  To read how I built an investment stream that pays me daily you can read "Creating a Dividend Ladder""


Benjamin Franklin image from a $100 bill

One thousand Dollars is just ten Benjamin's 

That will not buy you much on it's own. I am talking for myself here, $1,000 can pay your rent, in part, for a month, buy you a month worth of food, pay off part of a loan. But for me, I would look to invest it.

So what would I invest it in?

I would look to my M1 Finance account. There I could invest it in a multitude of companies.

I have a portfolio of 100 company stocks and Exchange traded funds.

You can see my portfolio as it stands today at My Dividend Portfolio. If you use this link to open an account, you will receive a bonus of around $30 sometimes up to $50. I will also receive a commission for introducing you , this is at no cost to you.

I could also buy about two Vanguard S&P 500 Exchange Traded Fund shares ( VOO ). This holds all of the top 500 companies in the U.S. stock market in a very low cost Exchange Traded Fund. It therefore guarantees at least near market returns, plus some quarterly returns in the form of dividends.

So for me investment is where I put all of my income. Then I use the proceeds of the investments to pay for day to day expenses.

Some of the spare change, if I have any, would go to possibly investing in either California Municipal Bonds, these are reasonable payers of regular monthly dividends, but have the bonus of being free of income tax since I live in California.

I might also put some in to Crypto currencies like Bit coin or Etherium, I have an account at Block Fi where I stake some of these coins to receive a monthly interest payment.  You can receive $10 in free Bitcoin when you open a Block Fi account using my link here. Get $10 of Bitcoin when you open a Block Fi account here.

Please support my Blog by taking a look at My Amazon Store, if you make any purchase I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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