Friday, November 14, 2014

Time to Think of a Reshuffle in My Portfolio

We are almost at the end of the year now. 2014 has been a pretty good year. I have gained back almost all of the losses of the fall during the August to October period.

Drat those little whipper snappers on Wall Street, they don't beat me into a panic to sell just so they can bring back the market in November to pad out those nice little Christmas Bonuses.

I hope you s stayed in the market during that little big boy play?

Anyway my stock balance is now way out of balance as the year draws to an end. I have some 100% plus risers and some  -30% losers in my portfolio.

Who were the 100% plus risers you may ask?

Well one is QQQQ  NASDAQ ETF that was an early purchase for me, way way back in 2007 when it was just over $100 now after the crash in 2009 it wasn't worth alot but I added some positions on the way down and with the stock now above $200 it is still a keeper for now. Of course now I have enough there to take out some in order to return my investment and will have some stock left over to have almost no real capital investment in that stock.

My whooping great loser is another ETF this time XME the Metals and Mining SPDR.  Though it has consistently lagged behind all my other stocks,  I still like the stock, it is a add too stock on my rebalance list. I am not looking for a big jump in the stock to reap massive profits I am just aiming to lower my  overall cost per share average. Then when it does pop as it will. A little pop will allow me to consider backing out with little loss. I don't see this ETF disappearing as it has a wide base of mining companies in many different industries so for me it is a buy into recovery with the risk of short-term loses.

< ============================================================= REMEMBER: I am not a stock advisor or professional. I am a private investor and these are my personal views as to the management of my own stock portfolio. If you are in doubt or wish to purchase any stocks which I may mention, please take advice from a qualified accountant, broker or financial advisor as stock prices may fall as well as rise.