Wednesday, January 12, 2022

What Crypto Currencies Pay Dividends?

 Generally crypto currencies do not pay dividends.

But that being said it is possible to earn interest from owning crypto currencies.

What crypto currencies pay dividends? Bit coin symbol

I know of two companies which pay you interest on your crypto coins.  Coinbase and Block Fi.

I have accounts with both of these companies and have earned regular interest from both.

My account with Coinbase pays me interest at differing rates and times depending upon the coin and tokens which I hold.  For instance I can earn up to 5% on my Cosmos investment this pays me interest at about weekly intervals. But I can earn around 2.75% on Algorand coin but that is paid daily.

Coinbase also allows you to buy smaller amounts of crypto, but does charge a $0.99 fee for all of their transactions.  So if fees are something that you wish to avoid, or you want to invest in small sums, Coinbase could be a little expensive.

One little thing that can earn you extra is the feature "Earn as you Learn" offered by coinbase. Here you can read a training article or watch a video and then answer very simple questions about what you just saw. I have earned about $40 in free crypto just from this feature alone.

You can also earn crypto here by sharing your link with friends.  Sharing your link can earn you $10 in free bitcoin if your link is used to open a new account. You actually both earn $10 in free Bitcoin.  To open an account with Coinbase click here.


I also have an account with Block Fi.

Block Fi is the least expensive in terms of fees but you do have to make a minimum deposit, here it is a $20 minimum bank transfer  but there is no up front fee, I think they are also taking some extra cash in their spread as the Bitcoin here is a fraction higher than on Coinbase, but not excessively so.

Block Fi is also more generous on their interest payments.  You can earn up to 9% at the moment on some Dollar based crypto and Bitcoin and Etherioum carry interest rates around 4%.

You can see  your estimated interest earning build each day, but these are only estimates, real interest is added on the last day of the calendar month.  That then compunds your investment for the next month.

Trading currencies within the platform is easy, so you can buy in a dollar based crypto like GUSD earn 9% on your deposit and then use the GUSD to buy Bitcoin or Etherioum if you see the price is attractive. That is my strategy on this platform.

Block Fi also pays you in Bitcoin if you introduce a friend to the site.  You can earn Several levels of payment depending on how much the friend opens their account with.  To open an account with Block Fi go here.

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