Friday, October 29, 2021

Why I am Going to Invest in Crypto

 For a while now we have all been hearing about investing in crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Etherium and alike.

The bitcoin logo is the now symbol of crypto currencies of everykind.

It has grown so big now, everywhere I turn I find my mailbox full of e-maills from scammers promising me riches if I invest with them, andpromises of all the riches I have missed out on.

Well, this may be a warning for the rest of you. After saying for years, I won't invest in crypto.  I am now investing in crypto.

This follows my great investing insight in the late 1990's to never invest in the Dot Coms.  Then deciding in 2000 to, you've guessed it, invest in a couple of Dot Coms.  And no I didn't go for Microsoft or Amazon.  I went for Imagine Games and a couple more that died in a complete wipeout of the British dot coms in 2002.

They lived short, but burned bright in the dot com firmament.

So maybe forwarned.  The crypto market is about to implode, William Elliott is in the market. Everyone duck!

So how much will I be investing?

I will be investing about 1% ( one percent ) of my portfolio.   of my total portfolio.  I have begun small, an initial opening of $60 growing to $5,000 over the next few months.

So a hit in my crypto portfolio will hardly affect my overall portfolio.

I will be investing with Coinbase initially.

So Why Invest with Coinbase?

I decided to invest with Coinbase because at the moment they have an offer to give new investors $10 in Bitcoin for just registering a new accountt with them.  Using the link here will allow you to claim $10 for just opening and authenticating and account, you don't even have to send any money.

Once you have authenticated  your new account you will be able to add funds, from your bank or via PayPal, and buy hundreds of varieties of Alt Coins.  You can also take lessons in various forms of crypto investments and CoinBase will pay you in crypto currency just for taking a series of classes. At present there are about $25  worth of classes for you to take.

Imagine in less than one hour you could have a small $35 portfolio of crypto, and it coast you nothing.

Become a knowledgeable investor.

As crypto currency investing becomes a more prominent form of investing, it is your duty to yourself to learn more about investing in this new market.

I am now using this time to learn about crypto currency investing.

At least by learning about the reality of this investment I am arming myself against the claims of those scammers.  I now have skin in the game and an increased motivation to learn what I can about crypto investing.  In the few days that I have been investing, I have not lost any money.  My current investment of $35 cost me nothing out of pocket, it all came from taking advantage of free offers.

So why not give it a try?

For your initial free investment  to claim your free crypto  Click Here


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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

What Did I Sell and Buy In My M1 Portfolio October 12th, 2021?

 Last night I came to the decision to sell out of my Astra Zeneca (AZN )  holding in my M1 portfolio.

bronze statue of a bull on wall street, new york

I had about $30 worth of fractional shares to sell and as the dividend was not the best I decided that even though I used to own a lot of the stock when I lived in the U.K.  My family had worked for Imperial Chemical Industries Plc (ICI ) for generations it is time to let go.  So this morning I sold all of my holding of AZN from my M1 account.

I do still hold a couple of the American Depository Receipts (ADR ) in my small fun money account with E*Trade.

So with the cash burning a hole in my browser, where did I put it?

The answer is still in a pharmaceutical company.  I put the $33 that I had spare into Abvie Inc. ( ABBV ).

The new ABBV holding will eventually be around 13% of my Pharma pie.  To see my Pharma pie holdings Click here.

If you want to open a new account with M1 you can use the link to start you off, plus you will receive a bonus. $30 extra in your account when you fund your new account with $100. I will receive $30 too.

So there you are fund your new M1 Account with $100 and we both get $30 as a thank you from M1.

See my M1 Pharma Pie, and open a new M1 account for yourself here.

I chose to swap Astra Zeneca for Abbvie Inc, simply because I think Abvie is a growing company. It has a good dividend payout, it doesn't pay out a lot of its cash in dividends but it does pay over $4.00 per year in dividends per share and has grown its dividend for 11 years now.

The stock is not cheap by any means, but quality costs. I think this is a quality stock.

The company is the daughter of Abbott Labs ( ABB ) I also own that stock in my M1 portfolio too, but Abbott specialises in medical products aimed at the diabetes market.  I personally use the  Freestyle Libre 14 Day Continuous Glucose Monitoring System.  It's good, easy to use and comfortable to wear on the upper arm.  It is not quite as accurate as a blood test, but using a traditional finger prick to test blood glucose four or five times everyday was painful, awkward and caused lots of problems for me.

Abvie has quite a nice stable of products itself and an expanding road of new products in its pipeline.

So that was my shopping list for today.  I hope you enjoyed reading.


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Monday, October 11, 2021

Columbus Day 2021

 So here we are, October 11, 2021.  What a year!

statue of Christopher Columbus for Columbus day, markets open but bank transfers not being made due to the holiday.

Today is Columbus Day in the United States.  Monday, I have lots of cash transfers from my bank to various brokerages and of course, though the markets are open no bank transfers will take place until tomorrow.

Sadly, the markets are going up this morning. That means that I will not be buying some of the stock that I was hoping to buy, because my cash is in limbo. Waiting in that no-man's land between bank account and delivery to brokerTheage.

The Columbus Day holiday is possibly the most confusing in the repetoire of Federal Holidays in the U.S.

In some ways it is a holiday, in others it isn't.  Some public organizations take the day off. The Bond markets and some banks for instance.  The stock market, well no to hell with looking to have a break, let's make money.

It is not a problem for me.  I don't mind people having a day off, but what is annoying that even computer systems in the U.S. get the day off too.  If all of my banking information is held on computer and all of my brokerage information is held on computer, how come those two computers cannot talk to each other on a Federal Holiday?

It makes no sense.

Well possibly it does make sense to American legislators, who take a break at the drop of a hat.

I always wondered in my time working in a public library here in California, the end of March has a Cesar Chavez day.  Famed agricultural workers leader, his name now marked as a state holiday for state and local government employees.  Who can drive into the mountains or drive to the beach, passing all those farms, orchards, vineyards and fields bustling with migrant farm labor working hard on a day set out to celebrate their deceased leader, a holiday which means only a day off for people who hardly know the difference between a lettuce and a cabbage.

Plus of course the computers get that day off too. When contacting anyone in California.


What am I Wanting to Buy Tomorrow?

I am hoping to buy a new stock, it is Horizon Financial (HRZN ). Horizon specialize in lending to technology businesses in the first stages of growth.

They pay a monthly dividend of just 10cents as of October 11, 2021.  A stock which changes hands around $17.00.

I am only going to look at buying a small portion of my holding right now. Analysts are looking at a future price more in the region of $14.00, presumably as interest rates rise that will put a squeeze on this stock.

I like the look of the stock for cash flow.  10 cents in my pocket every month per share is going to add nicely to my monthly cash flow for general stock purchases.

Another stock I am looking to add to in my portfolio is Community Heathcare Trust ( CHCT ) this is a quarterly paying REIT.  Over the past five years the stock has moved very little price wise, staying stubbornly around $40  but it has thrown off some nice cash flow with regular dividends.

I like this one because people will always need hospitals and doctors offices.  Exactly what this REIT owns all across the U.S.

That is all for today.  See you again soon.