Tuesday, October 12, 2021

What Did I Sell and Buy In My M1 Portfolio October 12th, 2021?

 Last night I came to the decision to sell out of my Astra Zeneca (AZN )  holding in my M1 portfolio.

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I had about $30 worth of fractional shares to sell and as the dividend was not the best I decided that even though I used to own a lot of the stock when I lived in the U.K.  My family had worked for Imperial Chemical Industries Plc (ICI ) for generations it is time to let go.  So this morning I sold all of my holding of AZN from my M1 account.

I do still hold a couple of the American Depository Receipts (ADR ) in my small fun money account with E*Trade.

So with the cash burning a hole in my browser, where did I put it?

The answer is still in a pharmaceutical company.  I put the $33 that I had spare into Abvie Inc. ( ABBV ).

The new ABBV holding will eventually be around 13% of my Pharma pie.  To see my Pharma pie holdings Click here.

If you want to open a new account with M1 you can use the link to start you off, plus you will receive a bonus. $30 extra in your account when you fund your new account with $100. I will receive $30 too.

So there you are fund your new M1 Account with $100 and we both get $30 as a thank you from M1.

See my M1 Pharma Pie, and open a new M1 account for yourself here.

I chose to swap Astra Zeneca for Abbvie Inc, simply because I think Abvie is a growing company. It has a good dividend payout, it doesn't pay out a lot of its cash in dividends but it does pay over $4.00 per year in dividends per share and has grown its dividend for 11 years now.

The stock is not cheap by any means, but quality costs. I think this is a quality stock.

The company is the daughter of Abbott Labs ( ABB ) I also own that stock in my M1 portfolio too, but Abbott specialises in medical products aimed at the diabetes market.  I personally use the  Freestyle Libre 14 Day Continuous Glucose Monitoring System.  It's good, easy to use and comfortable to wear on the upper arm.  It is not quite as accurate as a blood test, but using a traditional finger prick to test blood glucose four or five times everyday was painful, awkward and caused lots of problems for me.

Abvie has quite a nice stable of products itself and an expanding road of new products in its pipeline.

So that was my shopping list for today.  I hope you enjoyed reading.


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