I am a private investor.

Posts on this Blog are not meant as financial advice to any individual or group of individuals. They are the opinions of the author only.

If you require financial advice please consult a legally certified  and licensed financial consultant or Certified Public Accountant.

The author cannot accept any responsibility for any material or financial loss to persons following this blog.

Postings on this blog are faithful considerations of my own opinion of the stock(s) that I buy or sell at the time that I buy or sell.  I cannot accept the responsibility for loss of material or financial  assts if after I mention a stock that I have sold or purchased  that stock falls or rises in price.

I post this blog to show you how I work as an investor. I do take the risk of investing very seriously and would advise you not to invest monies that you need in the short term (less than 5 years).

The stock markets are volatile in the short term. Stocks prices rise and fall in very short periods of time.

Only invest what you can afford to lose in the short term.

Remember high returns are often considered to show a high risk investment.

Know your tolerance for risk and plan to diversify to avoid overall risks.

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