Friday, May 3, 2019

Welcome To The "New" Investor Pages

In the last four months I have been a little busy, working my way through two classes at my local community college.

Luckily for me that time has seen a big rise in the stock markets, so my investments have been left well alone.
close up of small bunches of white flowers on a woody stem of the hawthorn tree or bush.
Hawthorn Blossom AKA May Flower

So here we are now in the month of May. The May Flower is in bloom at home in England and there is some relief from the Fall and Winter gloom of last year.

Except for one little thing I decided to do in December 2018. Remember those days and weeks in the run up to Christmas 2018?

Wow what a few weeks that was. Everyone was looking to Santa Claus for a rally. By Christmas Eve most people had given up on poor old Santa. Except for me that is.

On Christmas Eve I went all in with my accrued cash on the SPY. I bought, doubling my holding in the SPY ETF.

I couldn't resist. Santa Claus comes on Christmas morning and there he was handing me a bundle of stock at New Year Sales prices!

So in I jumped. I am so glad I did. Of course it could have all gone wrong. The nay sayers were all around. The sky was falling and I was gambling. Yes I was gambling. The gamble has paid off. I am not ashamed to say so.  I have called a market low, it happens from time to time with someone. This time I got it right. It will probably never happen again in my lifetime.

But this time I can say I called it.

Good enough for me. Did you call a bottom on Christmas Eve or maybe 10 years ago?

Tell me about it.

 Thank you for reading thus far, Pilgrim. I hope that you will continue to come back and follow my investing  journey.

I also have a book tip for you. Take a look at "Dividend Investing" A new book published in March. The book gets a 4.8 approval rating out of  39 reviews on amazon and most people say that it gives excellent ideas on how to build a dividend paying portfolio from scratch in easy to understand language. Take a look here.