Thursday, November 11, 2021

"Earn Cash While You Sleep."

 It was once said that you are doomed to work forever unless you find a way to earn whilst you are asleep.

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Some say that Warren Buffet once said those words, I am not sure if it was him, but how often do you earn money?

I took a look at my investments.

I have two crypto accounts, Block Fi and Coinbase. They pay me monthly and Daily. So 377 times per year.. These accounts are new and have grown mostly by means of capital growth.  I am staking my coins and tokens, that is lending them so earning returns of up to 9% in my block Fi account.  5% in coinbase.  But the incoming cash flow is increasing my funds daily.  So the snowball is starting to grow.

I have a twenty-two month old M1 Finance account.  That is generating over $70 per year in dividends.  In the current quarter I am earning over $25 so will be earning over $100 in the next twelve months.  I have 98 dividend paying stocks in that account, those pay me more than 392 times per year.

In my E*Trade portfolios, there are a whopping 1,933 payments per year!  I was stunned by these numbers.

So in just four accounts, I get paid  Wait for it.  Two thousand Seven hundred and two times.That is ppper year.  That is I receive 7.4 payments every day of the year, including Saturdays and Sundays.

These totals do not include payments in my Emergency fund, my regular income from my work nor income from any affiliate links.

Of course I am investing a little more new cash into all of these investments, plus allowing all dividend income and interest to compound.

All of these payments have accrued over the last fifteen year since I came to the United States in 2006, and invested my first $50 in August 2006.  Since then I haven't earned more than $15 per hour from my own personal labor.

So now, I can say, "Yes. I do earn most of my income as I sleep."

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