Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Dividend Income With M1 Finance Tops $50

 In January 2020 I opened a brokerage account with M1 Finance.

M1 Finance Account Graph

I opened it with just $100 on January 17, 2020. Today on March 31, 2021 the account is worth just over $2,700 and since opening I have received $50 in dividends. That is some nice growth from the one cent of my first dividend at the beginning of February 2020.

You can see in the graph above the way my account has grown in just fifteen months. It was of course helped by the huge market sell off in March 2020, during which I continued to buy in more and more stock, investing about $10 per week every Monday together with occasional cash windfalls, such as proceeds from my sales and referals. I also began investing $15 per week in September 2020 continuing through until today.


The Portfolio Set-up.


My portfolio was set-up with 100 stocks and ETF's (Exchanged Traded Funds) you can see them in detail at My Dividend Portfolio.


It comprises of a large body of 30 favorite stocks, plus smaller portfolios of stocks such as railroad and last mile delivery stocks, defense contractors and Real Estate Investment Trusts.


 Ninety seven of my stocks pay a dividend right now. Boeing (BA) has a suspended dividend. Amazon (AMZN) and Google (GOOG) are pure growth plays included because M1 allows the purchase of fractional shares, the only way I can afford to buy these two great but highly priced stocks.

Special Offer For YOU

M1 and I are offering you a chance to make $30 instantly when you open and fund a new account.

All you need to do is follow this link to M1 Finance. 

Register your account by providing M1 with your details.

Fund a brokerage account with $100 or a Roth IRA with $500

When that cash hits your new account you will receive an extra $30 free from M1. I will also receive a small payment as a thank you from M1 Finance at no cost to you.

$30 Bonus for YOU when you open a NEW M1 Account Here


My Current Investing Strategy.


I have developed a regular investment strategy  with this account.

1. Invest $15 per week on Monday.  This goes to my cash deposit float.

2. If the Cash float is $25 or more, I let M1 buy stocks according to my pre-set levels. If less than $25 I buy individual stocks as new dividends come in down to a cash balance of $10 on the Friday.

3. As $15 will be added on Monday morning I let the $10 sit in my cash float over the weekend.

5.Rinse and repeat, buying any new individual stocks as I like when new dividends come in.

I hope that you might try investing with M1 Finance. It is a wonderful tool in my investing tool kit. I am sure it will help you on the road to gaining passive income.

 Remember my account grew from zero to over $2700 in just over fourteen months, investing $60 or less per month.  If I can do that so can you. Now I will be adding over $50 per year in passive dividend income. This will only grow in the future.

Try M1, I am sure it will work for you as you build wealth for your future.

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