Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Back to the DRIP

With the fall in the market over the last week I am looking to adjust some of my programs.

As markets rose I switched from using DRIP's (Dividend Reinvestment Plans) to taking dividends on my higer paying stocks.

Stock prices were just too high to warrant buying and reducing the dividend yield. So better to take the cash and wait on the sidelines till some of the prices began to come back and dividend yields rose again.

We are now entering the region where many of those dividend yields are coming backto looking very attractive to me again.

Yeilds are coming up on some of my stock to above 6% and so as this month is mid year and both the second quarter dividend for many stocks as well as this week being a paying week for many monthly dividend paying stocks I am putting back Drip plans into force for the month.

We will see if prices rise again at the end of the month if I will continue the strategy for July and August too.

So there will be little cash entering my funds this month. I am going all in on DRIP's for the hugher yields.

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