Friday, June 21, 2013

Uncertain Times

For the past few days market reporters have been talking of volatility and uncertainty in the markets.

OK so if you are frightened of volatility and uncertainty, if you want certain profits and easy money. What are you doing in the Stock Markets anyway?

You cannot expect certainty at anytime within the stock market. If it were a certain bet it would be no fun.

To paraphrase good old Ben Franklin the "only certainties in life are death and taxes"

Prepare for a nice bumpy ride till at least November as the markets will fluctuate for a few weeks, thensettle to a rise towards the middle of the final quarter and with a final upward bound at Christmas.

Basically the markets have returned to a "normal situation" this year following old patterns of rise and fall. I am still in the market because I see good returns in the next few months.

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