Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Are You a Whig or Conservative?

Todays stock markets can trace their existence back to the mid 18th Century. The era when men met in coffee houses and read the latest news from the new fangled newspapers of the day.

They gambled and drank coffee or chocolate and talked of politics and philosophy.

From the melee of coffee houses rose stock exchanges, insurance houses and the two party system.

Call them whig or Toriy in their day or bulls and bears today. A conversation between these two sides of the argument still revolves around the same idea.

For the Whig or Bull, things are better now than they have ever been. Buy now because things will be even better tomorrow.

For the Conservative, Tory or bear things are only marginal right now but tomorrow will bring disaster as we face the punishment we deserve for our folly.

Be you a bear, or be you a bull. You will share many of the values of your whig and Tory ancestor.

To be honest there is little new in this market and nor will there be in any future markets. The whigs will look forward in hope, the bears will sell in fear.

Whig or Conservative we all stand on the right side, most of the time.

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