Friday, May 10, 2013

ESPN Moves in Britain

Early this morning I caught a nice little snippet of information on Bloomberg TV.

The British communications giant BT (formerly British Telecom ) announced a new sports service for its customers.

The service will be free to existing BT Broadband subscribers and just 15 GBP for paying subscribers, the service will begin on August 1, 2013.

Service will be available  through BSkyB digital services, BT's Infiniti service or on streaming broadband via the internet.

There will be 3 channels BT1, BT2 and most importantly from my point of view an ESPN channel.

ESPN network is owned by Disney Corporation (DIS)

I am an owner of Disney stock and have been for several years.

This move tying in with BT to provide an additional service to the UK beginning this Fall will add to ESPN income stream from mid way through the third quarter of this year.

In Britain sports are a major interest and ESPN's expertise will be well suited to the large customer base of BT.

While it may not impact massively on Disney itself it seems that the House of the Mouse just keeps delivering good news lately.

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