Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Rebalancing the Accounts.

Looking at my accounts yesterday I was left stunned and scared. In one account just one stock was dominting the account with 33% of the value. That if anything is a red flag to re-balance your account if ever I knew of one.

ING Prime Rate Trust was a nice little earner in 2011-12, it had grown from less than $5 to over $6.20 in eighteen months and as such had sucked much of my value into that one stock.

Yesterday I chose to re-balance the account by taking some profit from ING Prime Rate Trust (PPR) selling one third of my holding.

PPR is still a good cash generating dividend stock paying7% but it was just too much value in a single stock for my nerves.

The proceeds of the sale went back straight into stocks again.

Disney (DIS) is the entertainment and television conglomerate that owns ESPN and is doing streaming deals left and right at the moment. I added some stock of DIS to an existing hold position.
I also moved on XLV the Healthcare exchange traded fund. With security in the Affodable Care Act it seems likely that medical insurance will prosper in the coming few years and also medical praticioners and suppliers will benefit. XLV cover all these groups rather than the riskier one stock choice.

My third stock pick for the re-balanced cash was XOP the oil and gas exploration exchange traded fund. Again this was chosen because it limits the risk of choosing a bad stock in an are where I have little knowledge

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