Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bloomberg TV or CNBC?

As an investor information is important to me.

But where to turn for good information  that is a big question.

For me the answer actually came in hospital in the Fall of 2012.  I did not have my phone with me, nor did I have a watch so telling the time was difficult. Regular stations on the TV do not give regular time updates and skimming the stations one day I came across Bloomberg TV.

Not only did they tell me the time every half hour or so but I found their news coverage of the markets more interesting than my usual fare on CNBC.

Bloomberg though it does sometimes seem to focus upon its own magazine editorials reported items in a less catastrophic way.  CNBC often tended to the "sky is falling, sell now" style of reporting.

CNBC reports are also full of  "tips". " buy tjis now" "sell this immediately." Bloomberg has less of this kind of reporting.

One particular item that took my eye last year was a five part piece, a series of reports which showed operations on the Union Pacific Railroad (UNP) There was some financial news on the company but, for a train lover, lots of great footage of the reporter riding the trains, interviewing the rolling stock managers in marshalling yards. OK fun stuff, but also valuable information if the rolling stock manager tells you that they are moving X amount of goods more this quarter over the last years movement. You learn alot watching trains.

CNBC is tied to the studio and reporters seem to drive for the tip without any back-up for the investor to gain crucial information.

For me now Bloomberg TV is the main source of information on a daily basis.

You can also log into Bloomberg TV through the iPhone and iPad app available at the Apple Appstore

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