Monday, March 19, 2012

What May Be Good for APPL May be Good for T

With Apple trading at over $600  per share that may be a little out of the average investors range.

Where might you go to follow their success?

Possibly look to AT&T (T) trading in the low $30's AT&T have had some good dividends and have a long standing contract to serve Apple's iPad customers with wireless service.

Disclosure:The Author holds  AT&T (T) Stock in his portfolio.

AT&T has recently looked to increase income by slowly raising it's data prices, this has been coupled with investment to expand current networks and it seems that as fast as they expand the pipeline for wireless users the pipeline fills and data usage increases to fill available capacity.

AT&T has coped well with the demand and I believe that they will continue to look to serve the Apple users within their contracts successfully maintaining their market share as other carriers come into the market in order to compete.

AT&T therefore could be a medium term play for those looking to gain from iPad sales without the risk of having a very major portion of their portfolio in Apple (APPL)

Thoughts on Apple Inc.

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