Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Watch Advisors on TV With Care

It is ok to watch programs on stock investing.

Watch programs such as Mad Money with Jim Cramer and Fast Money with care. These CNBC programs are great sources for fiinding out about possible investments.

Be CAUTIOUS: Analysts and Market Makers also watch these programs and you will often see tipped stocks on these programs rapidly increase in price.

Why is this?  Market Makers and Analysts know that stocks tipped by experts on these shows will attract a lot of attention from the average investor. The average investor will see the price rise as a positive and buy-in too quickly. They will though also see the stock proce often fall within a few days.

The wise small investor will watch these pundit programs and make notes as to the stocks talked about.

Put them on a watch list and leave them alone for several days or weeks.  Yes you will miss the initial upsurge of the stock but you will not be locked in when that surge washes through and the stock falls to its original trading point.

As the stock falls to near its old trading level. If things still look good to you, then consider buying in that stock

Buy in good quantities if you can in order to reduce the trading costs by averaging.  Trading costs are the death of many a small investor.

If a trade to buy and sell costs $10 each your single share of stock will need to rise #20 before you can break even.

If you buy 10 shares then a stock needs only rise $2 to break even.

Buy 100 shares of the same stock and it need only rise 20 cents to break even.

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