Monday, December 9, 2019

Best Apps for Investors, Traders and Money Managers

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My Christmas Apps For You
Christmas comes but once a year, and if you remember Christmas 2018  it was a bit of a down year.

Happily though this year saw the markets  come back with a vengence and we are looking at a bumper end to the year. Hopefully you are celebrating with us.

I am happy to say that Santa delivered his rally last year, so with fingers crossed and a tummy full of mince pies  I say thank you Santa, and please can we have some more next year.

I don't know about you, but I love playing with apps on my phone and my tablets. I love to see if they can help me generate more cash flow ind income into my Roth IRA and brokerage accounts.

Below I have created five lists of apps for you. There are apps for stock tracking, apps for money management, for fun, for  all sorts of useful stuff.

I hope that you will find an app or two that is useful to you over the next year and that you start the next decade off well. I raise a glass for your fortune and wish you prosperity and wealth in the next decade.

Now to the Lists.

1. Best Stocks and investing Apps

Best Personal Finance Apps

3 Best Accounting and  Expenses Apps.

4Best Banking Apps.

5.  Best Games Apps.

6. Best Fashion and Style Apps.

7. Best Astrology Apps.

8. Best Diary and Journal Apps.


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