Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Recent weeks have been a bit of a downer haven't they?

We investors have seen a steady fall in the values of many investments.

I personally have seen my investments drop by about $2,000 since July. It does seem a bit scary when you think in dollar terms, though I tell myself that I only had that $2,000 on paper it is still a psychological loss.

But on the other hand I am still well up on the year sofar, by about $2,300.

As investors it just goes with the territory. You should be in for the good times and accept the bad for what they are. Imposters.

At work the other day, a colleague was saying how glad they are they were that they hadn't invested in stocks back after the upturn in March 2009. That the stock market is about to crash aagin and this summer's fall is a sign of things to come.

Well from someone who was invested throughout the crash, this is nowhere near a crash. Nervous investors like my colleague are right to stay away from the markets, for a nervous investor a crash does make. For themselves alone if not for everyone else. Putting money in and pulling it out at the first sign of a stock price drop. No not another panic.

Ooops as an investor I should rejoice and encourage a mini panic.  How else do bottom feeders like me get to sweep up the bargains?

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