Tuesday, April 29, 2014

This Year's Plan is Going Well

At the end of a successful year, I had achieved good growth in my portfolio and have stocks that I more want to Hold rather than Sell.

So for the next year my plan is to round off my best stocks.

What is rounding off?

Rounding off is making stocks up to hundreds rather than holding 95 shares one buys the remainder to put over the one hundred mark.

Rounding off is another form of re-balancing and will let me t see where to adjust more easily in the future.

One of my best investments of last year was to bBuy EIS (the Israel ETF) I bought it at $42 and it grew steadily over the Fall and Winter and has added quite a bit over the Spring too. That stock is a definite hold and round for me. The one downside is that this ETF does only pay semi-annual dividdends, but the dividends were strong when paid in July and December. Just one sees little growth from that sector for a long time when compared to my quarterly and monthly dividend stocks.

Happ investing and may you always run with the bulls.

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