Friday, March 15, 2013

No Talk of Highs

I was struck this morning by how little news there is of the recent Wall Street Highs.

The markets fall and it is headline news on every television channel as pundits let fly on where, When and how the market is about to fall to a disaster.

Here we are at dizzying highs and not a twitter from local and barely a tweet from national TV, apart from CNBC and Bloomburg.

Last October and November after sufdfering a stroke, I was recouperating at home. A friend called in everyday and he is a bit of a nervous type when it comes to investing, we would watch the financial channels, and on down market days he would clamour and fuss,

"Everything's Falling!"

I would just respond, "So maybe I'll find something to buy."

Its all very comforting though. Word hasn't leaked out yet that there is money to be made on the exchanges. Why do I say that?

When word gets out everyman, woman, child with their dogs, cats and hamsters will be investing again. The markets will grow bubbles and burst amid more tears and laments about how dangerous it is to invest in the stock markets.

Ah the cycle of the markets. Enjoy the quiet while it lasts.

The silence if innocence until the talk of Highs leaks out and we start the merry-go round again.

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